Top 10 Sex Dolls of 2021 – Sex Doll Reviews

Today, realistic sex dolls are accepted by more and more people, they start to represent a new and popular lifestyle. When you walk out of your shame, you may don’t know how to choose a love doll for yourself. So today Fansdolls shop will tell you the top 10 best sex dolls of 2021. There must be one doll you want to take home!

150cm (4ft11) Best Elf Spirit Sex Doll – Samantha

Samantha is only 24 years old and has a perfect height of 150 CM. She is pretty and endowed with attractive body shape, boobs, and butt. Samantha is one of the most erotic and sexy dolls in US. She trains horses during the day, and she is open for good sex after work hours. She is a big fan of oral, anal and vaginal sex, so you can penetrate her in any of those parts. Samantha is well-experienced with sexual fantasies and mostly good at deep throating.

This amazing irresistible TPE sex doll has a weight of 27kg, waist of 51cm, anus depth of 17cm, vagina depth of 17cm and mouth depth of 15cm. Are you ready to have a good night with Samantha?

150cm (4ft11) Best Elf Spirit Sex Doll Samantha

Blonde Real Sex doll with Slim Muscle Body – Terra

WM Doll Terra is a beautiful blonde with an athletic body. If you love your lady’s looking fit with sexy muscles, then spending your money on this doll is a good move. Her blond hair is not only beautiful, but feels very realistic. Her vagina is tight and feels incredible, all thanks to the high-quality TPE used in moulding her body.

Terra has a height of 157cm, vagina depth of 18cm, mouth depth of 12cm and anus depth of 16cm. You can have intercourse with her through the ass, vagina or mouth.

157cm (5ft2) B-Cup Terra

BBW Chubby Sex Doll with Big Breast – Cloe

For all the boobs lover out there, this sexdoll is dedicated to you. Cloe has big juicy breasts. She is the ultimate fantasy for guys that are into curvy chicks. Her big breasts are more than a handful; your hands will be so busy holding her soft gorgeous breast. Besides her juicy boobs that truly bounce and jiggle, she has a big butt and a larger appetite for your manhood.

Regardless of how you want to penetrate her, ass, vagina, mouth, this amazing doll can handle it. Cloe has a height of 173cm, anus depth of 16cm, mouth depth of 12cm and vagina depth of 18cm.

173cm (5ft8″) H-cup Curvy Sex Doll Cloe With Big Boobs

Office Lady Sex Doll with Short Hair – Rosine

Meet SEDoll Rosine, she is a matured love doll who loves working in the office. So if you love the office type of ladies or you love your ladies in corporate or office wears, then this gorgeous beauty is the one for you.

Rosine has all the parts of a real lady. She has a nice short hair, beautiful eyes, hard nipples, tight ass and a soft vagina between her legs. You can also have anal or oral sex with her if you want to. Rosine is 160cm tall with anus depth of 15cm, mouth depth of 12cm and vagina depth of 17cm.

160cm (5ft3″) C-cup Silicone Sex Doll Rosine

African Beauty 165cm (5ft5) N-cup Sex Doll – Nawra

6YE Doll Nawra is a black African beauty that’s worth your time and investment. If you are into ebony girls, direct your attention to this gorgeous beauty; she is able and capable to satisfy all your sexual fantasies. This doll has an attractive height of 165cm and is ideal if you are in need of a life-size model.

She has beautiful dark skin, gorgeous eyes, and long hairs that you can pull when penetrating her. You can spank her tight ass and squeeze her perky tits during intercourse. Nawra is an all-rounder, you can penetrate her mouth, ass or pussy, your choice. She has a waist of 60 cm, anus depth of 15 cm, mouth depth of 12 cm and vagina depth of 17 cm.

165cm (5ft5) N-cup Sex Doll Nawra

Fat BBW Canada Sex Doll with Blue Eyes & Grey Hair – Summer

AXB sex doll Summer hails from Canada, she’s 21 years old and her personality is so amazing. Summer loves shopping, watching movies, and working out. Just by looking at her, your mind becomes occupied with different things you want to do to her in the bedroom.

Summer loves to explore, she is open-minded when it comes to trying new sex positions. She can handle any sex position you think off, that’s how wild she is. Besides her gorgeous look, are boobs and ass is something else; it will blow your mind. This gorgeous chubby doll with blue eyes and grey hair features a height of 135cm, waist size of 56cm, hips size of 135cm, anus depth of 16cm, mouth depth of 13cm and vagina depth of 17cm.

Sex Doll Primrose With big breast

Super-Hot Massive Tits – Polina

If you have an unending appetite for bigger boobs, you will be confused, in a good way though, when you meet Polina; she is endowed with super-hot massive tits. Just imagine the crazy things you could do to this beautiful doll when you meet her. Her boobs are not just big, but soft with nipples you won’t want to get your mouth off.

Besides her large voluptuous breasts, she has a big ass and an unending appetite for your manhood. You can penetrate her ass or vagina, and she is also amazing at dick sucking. Polina is 158cm tall with waist size of 53cm, mouth depth of 8cm, anus depth of 10cm and vagina depth of 16cm.

158cm (5ft2) Sex Doll Polina With Huge Fuckable Boobs/Tits

Tan Skin Young Sex Doll – Omid

You want your ladies young and small in size, YLDoll Omid is the one for you. She has a height of 148cm, an attractive look with beautiful tan skin, and squeezable tits you would love. Omid is an innocent looking sex doll, she may appear shy in public, but she’s nasty in the bedroom. Her vagina is capable of accommodating your manhood, you can hold on to her tight ass while you penetrate her from behind.

Omid is capable of satisfying your sexual desires, you can explore any sex position you can imagine. You can carry her around as you want, she weighs just 32kg. Also, she has a mouth depth of 15cm, anus depth of 17cm and vagina depth of 17cm; you can penetrate any of these parts as you desire.

148cm (4ft10) D-Cup Sex Doll Omid

Evil Elf Sex Doll with Blue Eyes 158CM – Olivia

Princess Peace Olivia is another Chinese piece of art; she is a goddess when it comes to beauty, and her amazing looks and curvaceous body often makes people doubt whether she was born or curved. She hails from royalty and loves your peasant dick as no other girl has done before. She adores the dick and works for its pleasure.

151cm (4ft11″) E cup Magic Elf Sex Doll Olivia

Realistic Wild TPE Sex Doll – Hedy

Starpery Doll Hedy is a chubby chick with tight ass and thighs. She is a professional model and loves to take pictures, go shopping and party. She also strips during her free time for fun. Her sexual cravings are remarkable; I hope you will be able to meet up to her expectations? You can get laid with this love doll in any position of your choice as well as explore your sex fantasies.

This pretty damsel is made out of TPE and comes with oral, anal and vaginal openings, so you can penetrate any of these parts as you please. Hedy weighs 36kg and has a waist of 65cm, hips of 93cm, mouth depth of 12cm, anus depth of 16cm and vagina depth of 18cm.

171cm(5ft7) A-Cup Hot Hyper Real Sex Doll Hedy

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