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YourDoll is an online sex doll store located in the USA. It is a licensed seller of dolls manufactured by a company in China. It has been in operation for years now and is known for its sale of high-quality sex doll brands. This is the reason why it has gradually built such a steady clientele across the world.

It stocks a wide variety of sex dolls for men to choose from. Others with sexual interests in women also get to enjoy these products. Various designs of sex dolls hang in their warehouse for clients to select from and include different skin colors, body sizes, both silicone and TPE materials, and also masturbators. Women, however, are not taken care of at YourDoll, and this should be considered seeing that women also have sexual fantasies and fetishes.

Apart from sex dolls and masturbators, the only other thing sold by YourDoll is a variety of doll heads in cases where users want different looks on the same torso. This is meant to improve the sexual experience for maximum satisfaction. They do not sell other sexual products like pornographic material though.

The website is plain, to say but the least — insufficient information and has a not-so-well-done website design. The only thing they have incorporated in the website are images f the dolls they sell. Perusing through the Homepage, Shop sex dolls column, Shop doll heads section, Contact information, Tracking your order, and FAQs will see you obtaining minimal useful information. YourDoll should tweak up the website to make it as attractive as the displayed sex dolls.

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Sex Doll Selection

YourDoll prides itself on the high-end and indescribably sensible collections of love dolls they use to the clients. This firm had the ability to produce and proceed its undying heritage of forming top notch real sex dolls that precisely appear like actual people. The like dolls they carry the rack have really described aspects when it concerns orgasmic aspects, elegance, ability, adaptability, and resilience. Whatever your recommended sex placement or sex kind is, it is never ever most likely to be a significant release as these sexdolls are enwrapped with severe adaptability to assistance your wildest dream.

In addition to anything, this firm makes sure not just top quality however security to all the items they location on the market. For all their sex dolls, YourDoll just makes use of 2 sorts of resources, which are TPE and hypoallergenic silicone. These 2 materials are all authorized by the authorities as a number of sorts of study enhanced that these are all risk-free to utilize and can bring no injury.

To determine that the customers will obtain the very best sex-related experience from their sex dolls, this supplier safeguards the top quality of their sex love dolls in regards to adaptability and resilience. The like dolls they use are exceptionally resilient from the in to the outdoors. The developments are made with a stiff steel skeletal system that maintains them healthy while participating in numerous hostile placements and wild intercourse.

This firm ensures that every item they offer on the internet has one of the most sensible connects. Thus, YourDoll aims tough to load their like dolls toolbox with varied individualities and features that can definitely match numerous sensuous dreams varying from light to extra-vigorous intercourse. The love dolls offered in the stock are unique in regards to skin shade, face skin, toe and fingernail, cosmetics, bust dimension, nipples, genital dimension, pubic hairs, or even eye shade. Customization is additionally supplied where the customers are provided a possibility to inform the suppliers concerning their choices.

All you should do is to undergo the web sites and surf the company’s wide-range collections of sex dolls that are available in various general dimensions, sex, individuality, and personality. YourDoll additionally supplies some amazing giveaways for each buy, such as wigs, goings, and eyes.

Something is without a doubt, this firm can definitely upraise your requirements when it concerns self-pleasure and launch. When you attempt any one of their top-notching collections, you would certainly never ever attempt to reverse once more to self-masturbation.

Shipping Information

YourDoll offers free shipping for all sex dolls to any location in the world. Shipping may take between ten and twelve days to be delivered. Some orders can be delivered even within one week of ordering. All this depends on the location and the customs speed.

YourDoll products are shipped via FedEx or UPS depending on the country of the client. All orders have tracking numbers to help in the tracking of goods up until arrival.

Shipment packaging remains discreet for the sake of client privacy and confidentiality rights. Plain brown boxes are used to package the sex dolls, without labels and logos. YourDoll treats customer privacy seriously.

Return Policy

YoutDoll does not accept returns for already sold sex dolls as they consider it a serious health concern for their employees. Once a purchase is finalized, you are asked to double-check all details before submission of the specific order. So, this means that if your sex doll is spoilt or damaged during shipping, or arrives while defective, you are stuck up with it as it is. This, we found rather harsh and rigid, considering the amount of money spent on the purchase. YourDoll should look into measures to determine at what point a return or refund should be made.

Payment Options

YourDoll accepts significant payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB, Discover, Bank transfers and wires, Sezzle, and Zelle. It is important to note that Sezzle and Zelle are only applicable to clientele within the US. The two are faster as they reflect in YourDoll within minutes hence make the process much faster. PayPal is not accepted due to arising issues between the YourDoll and the online bank.

How To Decide Which Company Is Right For Me?

YourDoll is a trusted and fronted vendor of most sex doll manufacturers.  It has been operational long enough to not fall in the scam list. It stocks quality sex dolls just as they appear on the website. The website lacks a load of useful information, though, and this is its setback. It also has no contact center. On top of that, it has rigid return policies where good once sold are not accepted back. As such, we cannot recommend the website as at now; maybe we could after the information is made available to the public.


  • Stocking of quality sex dolls right from the manufacturer.
  • Reasonably affordable sex dolls as compared to other vendors in the industry.
  • Quick turn-around time for all orders as well as timely deliveries.
  • Accepts most payment methods that are used by a majority of people.


  • Minimal variety of sex dolls.
  • No accessories come with the sex dolls.
  • Customization cannot be done by YourDoll directly hence may take longer.
  • Women’s products not available at all.
  • No contact information and phone numbers displayed on the website.
  • No return of good accepted. Even if the dolls get spoilt during shipping, it is your loss. Seeing that the sex dolls are expensive, rigidly stating that no returns are accepted whatsoever may be an invalid measure and will make clients move on to the next vendor.

We have reviewed hundreds of sex dolls companies, and here is a list of the best ones, that will leave you 100% satisfied:

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  • Prices Are 50% Less Than Competition!
  • Decent 2-4 Week Shipping!Their product did take a full month for shipping, as described.
  • Huge Inventory SelectionGood options, but the other two have more.
  • Maximum TPE & Silicone Quality
  • Great Customer ServiceThey responded within 10 hours of our email.
  • Great Return Policy!ONLY on Ali Express can you buy a sex doll with the protection for a full refund! (No other companies or vendors offer this level of safety.)

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Silicon Wives

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  • Prices Are 65% Less Than Competition!
  • Fast 1-2 Week Shipping!Their product did take a two weeks for shipping! Great!
  • By far the BIGGEST inventory available!Everyone in the US/UK resells their dolls.
  • Maximum TPE & Silicone Quality
  • Great Customer ServiceThey responded within 2 hours of our email.
  • Wonderful Return Policy!ONLY on Ali Express can you buy a sex doll with the protection for a full refund! (No other companies or vendors offer this level of safety.)

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Sexy Sex Doll

  • 2nd Most Popular
  • Prices Are 50% Less Than Competition!
  • Decent 2-4 Week Shipping!Their product did take a full month for shipping, which is to be expected.
  • 2nd Widest Inventory SelectionGood options, nonetheless!
  • Maximum TPE & Silicone Quality
  • Wonderful Customer ServiceThey responded within 6 hours of our email.
  • Awesome Return Policy!ONLY on Ali Express can you buy a sex doll with the protection for a full refund! (No other companies or vendors offer this level of safety.)

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