How to Find Your Dream Doll?

So, how do you go about finding your dream doll?

Updated February 22 of 2019 to introduce the new YL 158cm Booty-Wooty

This is the new 158cm (5ft2′) Big Tits Love Doll with Hella Booty – Wooty

Well, this is guided by your taste and preference and what you’ve always wanted. The good thing is Sexy Real Sex Dolls has a rich collection of sex dolls, and you can be sure that you will find your ideal doll right here. Additionally, we’ll help match your taste by recommending to you some of the dolls that we believe will be a great match depending on what you tell us.

Ranging from torsos to life-size realistic sex dolls, our selection of YL dolls features a diverse variety for you to choose from. So, whether you are looking for a petite blonde or a thick ebony sex doll, we got you! Having said that, we’ll look at the best selection of YL Dolls, highlighting the perks of each one of them to help you pick your dream doll.

1. Biggest Boobs Ever 150 cm (4ft11’) Lori Head

Manufactured by the renowned YL Dolls Company, Lori boasts of the biggest set of breasts ever seen in a sex doll. That’s not a bad thing. Is it? This alluring sex doll commands the attention of everyone wherever she goes. You just can’t miss her presence.

YL Doll # 1 Biggest Boobs Ever 150cm (4ft11') Lori Head

Looking at Lori, it’s evident the developers paid attention to detail. This voluptuous sex doll features everything you’d want in a woman. Ranging from her cute chisel shaped face, glowing eyes, long thick hair, enormous boobs, a fine ass, and long strong legs, what more could you ask for? Lori has an untamed thirst for sex and is always on the mood. No mood swings, no nagging, no nothing!

Having worked at a wellness Spa in the city as a masseuse for close to two years now, Lori is looking to move on to something else. Asked what her plans are, she takes some time before proceeding with “I’m not sure of my next destination, but I wouldn’t mind being a private masseuse to my hard-working man.”

Imagine coming home after a long and tiresome day at work to meet Lori waiting for you on the couch wearing a sexy white T-shirt and tights ready to massage the fatigue away. Being a professional, you can be sure that the massage will always be the best. Lori will gladly rub her enormous soft boobs against your back, and when things get hot, she’ll squeeze your already hard weapon against her breasts. You like the sound of that. Don’t you? Enjoy the site of her pair of breasts jiggling as you pound her as well.

Made with quality human-like TPE material, Lori can pleasure you with all three of her orifices. This gorgeous sex doll doesn’t mind interracial sex and enjoys sticking her tongue between the lips of a dripping vagina as much as she enjoys a hard dick penetrating her. This makes her an ideal sex doll, especially for a couple looking to spice up their bedroom life.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your dream doll here.

Go for it! Lori is waiting for you.

2. 155 cm (5ft1’) D-Cup Sensual Brunette Love Doll Rinia

Standing at 155 cm (5ft 1inch) and weighing 34 kg, Rinia is the sex doll of your dreams. Her cute innocent face, blooming eyes, pulpous lips, palm-size D-Cup boobs, flat tummy, and fine ass compliment the bubbly demeanor that sets her apart from the rest of the sex dolls. Her petite yet prodigious body makes her an amazing sex doll both for first-time buyers and repeat customers who are looking to update their sex doll collection.

Developed by the renowned YL Dolls Company, Rinia is made with high-quality human-like TPE material which not only makes her look just like a woman but also intensifies the sensation during sex. Rinia is a law student who doesn’t let her busy schedule come between her social life. She always uses her free time to go out and have fun. “Life is what you make it,” she starts.

Rinia is that girl that you fall in love with at first sight. She is gorgeous, fun, and bright. What other combination would you want? She admits that juggling between her studies and maintaining a positive social life is harder than it looks. “I spend most of my free time in the library, which means that I’m only free over the weekends,” she continues. Rinia admits that her boyfriend left her because she couldn’t keep up with her busy schedule. “Life can be cruel, sometime.”

You don’t have to worry about that though, Rinia is finally graduating from Law school, and nothing is holding her back now. She promises to use this time to re-live moments that she was unable to while in school. “I’m looking for a man who I’ll share life’s moments with. Someone who will help rediscover myself. Are you the man?” She pledges love and submissiveness for her new lover saying that she’ll never have eyes for any other man.

Are you the lucky man?

Rinia is your dream doll! She can pleasure you with all her orifices and is 100% articulated with a steel skeleton and movable joints. The skeleton promotes an upright posture while the joints enhance her flexibility allowing you to try numerous sex positions with ease.

The search is over! We’ve found your doll.

Go for it!

3. 155 cm (5ft1’) Linda Medium Breast

Developed by the famous YL Dolls Company, Linda is tailored to meet your sexual needs. With her impeccably cute face, soft palm size boobs, slim waist, and fine ass, Linda is the true definition of your dream doll. Isn’t she?

Linda, 21 is a university student looking for someone to take her through the life journey. She’s a virgin, and has kept her body free from any penetration for more than two decades, Linda is finally ready. “I was brought up in a religious family where I wasn’t allowed to socialize with boys as much,” she starts. Throughout her childhood, her parents were extra vigilant up until university because her school is not in the same city as her home.

“I never imagined this time would come when I’d be free and away from my overprotective parent,” she says. Linda is eager to lose her virginity but maintains that it must be in a special way. “I’m looking for a man who will appreciate me and my virginity, love me, and treat me like a queen,” she proceeds.

What is she bringing to the table, you might be asking? Well, this beauty promises loyalty and undying love to her new lover. She will pleasure you in all ways that you wish and will always be there for you. And in a world where running into a virgin is rare, this is a bargain. Right?

Take Linda home and unravel her bit by bit. Set up an indoor picnic, take her slow as it’s her first time, but most importantly, make sure she never forgets this day. Play with her medium breasts and fondle them passionately as you get her ready for the main event. Let her show you her oral capabilities before you magically shove your hard dick in her tight vagina, enjoying her reaction.

What are you waiting for? Order your doll here.

Trust me! She’s a good value for money.

4. Super Curvy 160 cm (5ft3’) Kasandra

Standing at 5ft 3inches (160 cm) and weighing 87Ibs (39.5 kg), Kasandra houses everything you need to fulfill your sexual fantasies. Her huge ass and breasts complement her ever glowing face, making her one of our best seller sex dolls. Inspired by the need to meet a gap in the market, the developers of this sex doll paid attention to detail and produced a masterpiece that has proven to be too good to be true.

Kasandra, an assistant at a law firm in town, admits that she always wanted to move to the city. “I was brought up in a cultured society and by a religious family which meant that I was shielded from a lot of things as a kid,” she starts. She says that she was motivated to study hard to earn a ticket out and thanks to her brilliance in her academics, she got admitted to a University in the city. She got her current job soon after completing her degree which meant she had to stick around.

The voluptuous assistant enjoys helping her boss organize her desk, receive calls and emails, and any other role assigned to her. She admits that her job is not as rosy as it looks. “Most of my time is spent at work, sleeping very late and being the first one to wake up,” she continues. Kasandra discloses that she’s getting overworked and might be heading out anytime soon.

Quitting her job might mean going back to her boring hometown that was the reason she left for the city. Asked about her plans, Kasandra is quick to make it clear that she’ll do anything possible to stay in the city. Anything?

Have you been looking for a personal assistant? Well, look no further, this voluptuous sex doll is willing to be your assistant. “I’ll take care of any tasks that you throw at me,” she affirms. Take advantage of her and let her blow you under your desk, and with oral, anal, and vaginal capabilities, the options are endless. Enjoy the sight of her enormous boobs jiggling as you pound her while grabbing her ass.

Kasandra is fully articulated with a steel skeleton, and movable joints to promote an upright pose as well as enhance her flexibility. This way your doll is extremely flexible, and you can try numerous sex positions without straining. Awesome. Right?

Go for your dream doll!

5. 150 cm (4ft11’) Biggest Tits Ever Sex Doll Torso Version

Developed by the renowned YL Dolls Company, this amazing torso sex doll was inspired by 150 cm Lori. Due to the doll’s popularity and in consideration of our client’s feedback, the torso was manufactured for people like you looking for big tits but without enough storage for 4ft11’ Lori. Amazing. Right?

This torso version of Lori features a cute, attractive face, pulpous lips, striking eyes, an enormous pair of breasts yearning for your touch, and a fine ass. This sex doll not only appeals to people that are short of storage space but also first-time sex doll users that might find life-size sex dolls intimidating and too much work.

Other than being relatively affordable in comparison to life-size sex dolls, torso sex dolls are great, especially for people who want to have a collection of sex dolls. The torso version of Lori was made in consideration to the client’s needs which makes her one of our best seller torso sex dolls. This torso is always in her freaky mood, will never nag you, has no mood swings, and most importantly, will love you the way you are.

Are you tired of routine sex positions? Spice it up with this torso sex doll and discover new positions that inspire more sexual sensation. She is 100% articulated with a steel skeleton and movable joints. The skeleton promotes an upright pose while the joints enhance her flexibility allowing you to enjoy more sex positions.

And with anal, oral, and vaginal capabilities, it’s never a dull day with this amazing torso sex doll.

What are you waiting for?

Get yours today!

6. 148 cm (4ft10’) Jenifer Sexy Real Doll

Standing at 4ft 10inches (148 cm) and weighing 66Ibs (33 kg), Jenifer is a realistic sex doll developed to help you actualize all your sexual fantasies. Manufactured by the renowned Your Doll YL Company, this doll appeals to a wide spectrum of sex doll lovers, thanks to the variations and attention to detail by the engineers.

Jenifer is a waitress at one of the high-end Bistros in the city. And though she has to keep up with long working hours, Jenifer maintains that the perks she enjoys supersede the hassle. “I get good tips,” she starts. Working at the bar has exposed her to many people, especially male patrons who are looking to take her home after a drinking spree. According to her, it’s hard to draw the line, especially when you work in a bar, but she always comes up with a way to dodge them.

“The past few years have been busy for me that I consider my social life to be non-existent. That’s not a good thing to say. Right?” Jenifer attributes her lack of activity in the dating scene to her busy schedule at work and is looking to change things for the better. And faced with the option of leaving her day job, she is positively open to new ideas that will make her more available to take care of her social life.

This 23-year-old beauty is looking for another job and is pretty much open to anything. In fact, she is very comfortable with moving in with a man and taking care of everything in the house. Jenifer is looking for a lover and claims that she wants a man who will house her and she’ll take care of her and her house in return. Sounds like a deal. Don’t you think?

Jenifer can pleasure you with all three of her orifices, has big breasts and a fine ass for you to grab as you pound her on the floor. She is open to interracial sex and enjoys playing with a dripping wet vagina as much as she does with a rock hard dick. This makes her the ideal sex doll for a couple looking to reintroduce lost intimacy in the bedroom.

Fully articulated with a steel skeleton and movable joints, Jenifer is more flexible than you think. Enjoy numerous sex positions with her without straining.

7.158cm (5ft2′) Big Tits Love Doll with Hella Booty – Wooty

Introduced at the beginning of this article… the super sex machine… no more words needed…

hot latina curvy sex doll

Ok, but you are still asking yourself questions, here below is your answer!!

– I want to buy but I need to save first… well, talk to our team they might be able to help with some deal… Also, did you know that we have flexible payment plans? (No Promos or Coupons allowed)

– What if I want to customize some parts of the doll, areola size, hollow or solid breast, skin… just reach out to us and we’ll work on the doll of your dreams

– Do you have fantasy dolls, vampires, elves, etc? Of course, we do

– What are the best ways to store a doll? The best way is hanging your doll from a closet, for example, reach out if you need help to buy a hanging hook

– I want to buy toys, lube, clothes and more… Then you need to visit our partner’s store, ask our team about it!

– I see the same doll in other websites with different prices… Be aware that there are plenty of scammers out there that use our photos and sell low-quality love dolls. Make sure you buy from a legit and authorized vendor while looking for your new date. Learn more about us

– What if I want my doll with bigger or smaller breast… We have a huge catalog of body sizes and types so we are sure that you can find what you like, or we could build it for you

– What is the final price that I have to pay?… The price you get at checkout after selecting your doll is the final price. In some countries like Europe, there are import taxes, but we can take care of the customs clearance so you can receive your doll directly at home

For women, gay, shemale, etc.?… Whether you are a guy, a woman or gay, we probably have or can build whatever you like. Have a look at male dolls

What else are you waiting for?

Get your doll here!

To sum it up, YL Dolls Company is the real deal. They have been in business for long, and most importantly, they have been partnering with us. Our partnership has put a smile in the faces of numerous clients, and we want to add you to the happy family. Check out the entire collection of YL Dolls here and find your dream doll. Contact us, and one of our representatives will help you throughout the whole process, from ordering until the doll gets to your doorstep.

Choose The Best.

Choose Sexy Real Sex Dolls.

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