TPE VS Silicone Sex Dolls – 2021 Selection Guide

One of the most confusing stages of buying a sex doll is choosing the best material that suits you. Should you go for a TPE sex doll or Silicone Sex dolls? Don’t worry; you are not the only person in this shoe. Quite a lot of people are also confused about which of the sex doll materials will serve them better. And that is why we at Zlovedoll have taken our time to guide you through with the 2021 comprehensive selection guide on the best sex doll that suits your needs.


TPE sex dolls are realistic sex dolls that are made from TPE materials. TPE means Thermoplastic Elastomer, which is also called Thermoplastic rubbers. It is simply produced from mixing polymers material – which includes both thermoplastic materials and elastomeric properties. One of the exciting things about TPE materials is its softness and its tendency to stretch as much as 5.5 times and still return to its original form after use. This makes it to be more accessible and effective in the manufacturing industry. Plus, it has rubber-like features and efficient for injection molding techniques.

TPE sex dolls are very durable and require little or no compounding. Moreover, it exhibits excellent thermal conditions and high stability, even when exposed to different temperature levels.


Many years back, when silicone was the only popular material for producing sex dolls, several manufacturing companies researched various alternative materials and methods to produce much affordable sex dolls without losing the essentials features of sex dolls. Consequently, TPE became the most successful and the best alternative to silicone materials in the sex doll manufacturing industry.


  1. It is cheaper: This might be the number one reason you should consider going for the TPE sex dolls. It is relatively cheaper to the silicone sex dolls. This is one of the reasons it is much popular in comparison to the silicone sex dolls.
  2. It has a realistic touch and feelings: Talking about the natural sensitivity you derive in real human sex – the TPE sex dolls can give you this. They are made up of soft and elastic textures, which gives y0u the natural lifelike skin feeling. Plus, you can go for the customized interior heating system that gives you a juicy butt and succulent boobs – an incredible sexual pleasure to behold.
  3. It is odorless: The TPE sex dolls are odourless and they do not have any kind of plastic odour or scent. However, you can buy some thrilling erotica perfumes designed for sex dolls to intensify your sexual pleasure.
  4. It has natural outlook: No one can deny the perfect natural outlook of the TPW sex doll. They look more or less like the natural human skin, so much that the breast and butt jiggle when you give it a hot smash.
  5. It is hypoallergenic: You do not have to worry about anything allergic when buying TPE sex dolls. They are naturally hypoallergic and they do not contain any hazardous chemicals that can result in any form of allergic reactions. Virtually, you can do anything you like with your doll, including kissing, smooching, etc. Though, we still advise people to verify if they are not allergic to the baby powder or the water-based lubricant in the sex doll.
  6. It is very durable: This is a common feature for both silicon sex dulls and TPE sex dolls. Although the TPE sex dull requires more attention to ensure it is safe from disease.
  7. It is highly flexible: TPE sex dolls are made up of elastic and tender material, which makes it very flexible and perfect for virtually every sex position, include the advanced styles.


Talking of turn-off, the TPE sex dolls like other sex doll material have their turn-off. This include:

1.    It gets stained easily: TPE sex dolls are porous nature which makes them very prone to stains. The stains can spread around fast and, at the same time, hard to remove. To avoid this, it always important you protect your doll from dirty environments. You should also avoid clothing materials that transfer stains like the bedsheet, underwear, towel and many more.

2.       It requires constant maintenance: Do not make the mistake to leave your TPE sex dolls unwashed for a long time. The TPE sex dolls require continual maintenance to sustain her durability, beauty, and healthiness. Endeavour to clean her body, particularly her mouth, vagina, and anus after use.

3.    You can get the quality wrong: Well, this is not limited to the TPE sex dolls, as it is also related to a silicone sex doll. The TPE sex dolls are very common, which pose a risk of buying the fake if you are not conscious enough. As such, we advise you to make proper research when choosing where to buy your TPE sex doll. And to be o the saver place you can consider buying it in our online sex dolls store. You can as well browse through our website for our numerous quality sex dolls.


silicone, which is also referred to as silicon rubber, is made of artificial polymer materials. This means silicone sex dolls are produced from the combination of silicone polymer, oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and elastomer (a rubber-like material).

Silicones are naturally durable and can survive in several environments with different levels of temperature without any adverse reaction. Plus, it is highly resistant to heat, pressures, and deformation. Because of this, the silicone materials are often used for sex dolls, sex toys, sportswear, underwear, and many more.


1.   It has a better lifelike outlook: Practically, the silicone doll looks much more natural than the TPE sex doll in terms of body and appearance. This is accredited to the firmness of the silicone material.

2.    It is easy to clean: This is a very essential feature that is missing in the TPE sex doll – easy sanitation. Silicone sex dolls have stable qualities and are non-porous. They can be easily sanitized without any fear that the liquid can penetrate her skin.

3.    It is heat resistant: Silicon sex doll can withstand much more heat than the TPE sex dolls. This is probably because of its complete non-porous skin, which helps it to sustain heat and water better.

4. It has a robotics body: All thanks to the richness of the silicon materials which affords the Silicon sex doll a naturally robust body with excellent body sturdiness to support their weight and that of yours.

5. It is hypoallergenic: Naturally, the silicon materials are very hypoallergenic, so much that they are used for breast implantation in women. As such, it is safe they are more hypoallergenic than that of TPE sex dolls. And you can save your worries on the fear of anybody aching or any other form of reaction.

6. It requires low maintenance: The silicone sex, unlike the TPE sex dolls require less maintenance. Thanks to its stain-resistant and non-porous nature, they can naturally maintain their shape better, protect themselves from stains. However, you should inevitably clean their vagina and anus regularly after use.


1. It is Expensive: Just as we mentioned in the TPE sex dolls part, the silicone sex dolls are way more costly than the TPE dolls, especially if you are buying the bigger ones. They cost as much as $3000 to $6000.

2. It is low flexibility: The silicone sex dolls are very less flexible in comparison to the TPE sex dolls. Moving some parts of their body can be a little challenging, especially their arms and thing, which are a bit stiff.

3. It does not have a good sensitive feeling: While we praise the excellent sturdiness of the silicone sex dolls, it is sad this amazing feature rob us of another great feature (as in rob Peter for Paul), which is sensitivity. The silicone sex doll is kind of rigid and hard when touched or held. It practically lacks the sensitivity and elasticity in TPE sex dolls, which makes it a turn-off for someone that enjoys succulent feelings in bread and butt.

 Essential factors you should consider includes:

  • Hot bath: if you enjoy having a hot bath with your sex doll, you should choose the silicone sex doll. The TPE doll cannot sustain a temperature higher than 40oC.
  • Lifelike outlook: If you care for an elegant lifelike sex doll, the silicone sex doll is for you.
  • Realistic skin: If you like a sex doll with elastic and sensitive skin feelings, choose the TPE sex doll
  • Limited time to care for your doll: if you think you can’t cope with taking adequate care of your sex doll, you should go for the silicone sex doll.


While the two sex dolls have their unique and distingue features, they both possess the essential features you need in a sex doll. However, whichever one you are settling for, it is very important you get it from a reliable store. We also sell top quality and original sex dolls of different styles, skin color, and material. Browse through our full range of silicone and TPE sex dolls.

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