Misunderstandings About Love Dolls

Using anything comes with some misconceptions and myths that have to be elaborated. Though there aren’t any concerning sex dolls, still, there are some things that must be discussed. This article compiles some of the myths and misconceptions that arise in from of queries amongst the users.

Myths and Misconceptions

Here are a few of the myths surrounding sex dolls, the use of sex dolls and the sex doll group and the truth to all the myths. Keep reading to find out:

1.  Owning a sex doll means owning a human slave.

Absolutely not. Humans are humans and inanimate objects, like sex dolls or even sex toys, are inanimate objects. Both are completely different. It is not only wrong and very dehumanizing to compare an inanimate object to a human but it is even more extreme to think of humans as slaves.

Moreover, only humans have the privilege of having human rights. So, to think that sex dolls are like humans and are slaves is equal to lowering the standards of humans which is degrading to them. Plus, humans have created inanimate objects for years. Even realistic objects other than sex dolls. Therefore, comparing that sex dolls, specifically symbolize owning a human slave is very illogical from the very beginning of the argument.

2.  Men who use short love dolls are perverts

First of all, everyone has their own preferences and priorities. Some people like short girls while some are more inclined towards tall women and vice versa. Secondly, most of the dolls that are adult proportioned in size are made shorter in height to tone down their weight a little and make it easy to have sex with them.

Love dolls are heavy enough in general and it gets difficult to move them frequently and requires strength as well. So, if we look at it from a different perspective, then forcing the market of love dolls to only manufacture and sell large dolls that are extremely heavy then you are also discriminating against the people who lack strength or are physically disabled or are a bit challenged when it comes to height.

3. Sex dolls will destroy the society someday

There are a lot of dystopian and future predicting movies nowadays that show sex dolls destroying the future in one way or another. This way of portrayal is absolutely false and wrong, to begin with. Sex doll is not a society, rather it is a very hidden and vulnerable community that is already afraid of the judgment. So by projecting such views about them to the public, the world of movies is forcing them more into the closet when they already have to deal with the anti-doll stigma and different lawmakers suing them all the time.

Moreover, someone who is not even a part of the sex doll society cannot make a very harsh judgment about them. The people who are the part of the sex doll society are the ones who are truly eligible of making any sort of prediction and they predict that sex dolls will not destroy the future in any way, whatsoever. Rather there will be far more sexual choices in the future instead of very few.

4. Love dolls promote rape culture

Absolutely wrong. It is completely off topic to place the blame for rape on non human objects. The only person who is responsible for the rape is the rapist not a love doll or someone who uses a sex doll just for pleasure.

People who use sex dolls have fetishes, kinks and relationship fantasies. They, in no way, have any sort of rape fantasies in their minds. As a matter of fact, they shower their dolls with care all the time. They spend their money on them and buy accessories and clothing for them to keep them safe and stylish.

5. Love doll owners are mostly men

Another reason why the love doll owners have chosen to stay inside the closet rather than coming out and proud. People have this pre conceived notion that sex dolls are only or mostly owned by men and women do not own sex dolls. When, in reality, women own love dolls and they are an underrepresented and the most vulnerable segment of the sex doll using group.

6. There is something wrong with people who use sex dolls

This is, yet, another example of a preconceived notion that the world has made about people who like to choose sex dolls. Owning a love doll does not convey the message that the owner of the sex doll is inadequate in any way or lacks something or that something is wrong with them. It is very discouraging to marginalize an already vulnerable and stigmatized group of people.

Not all love doll owners are the same. You will find all sorts of diversity in the sex doll group. Sex doll owners come from all races, socioeconomic statuses, genders, religions, backgrounds, appearances, physical abilities, job types and 18 ages. Even their interests in love dolls and their aspects vary from person to person.

7. Sex dolls endorse objectifying women

Sex dolls would have endorsed the objectification of women if sex doll owners treated women like sex dolls. But, they do not do any such act. As a matter of fact, love doll owners treat the dolls like women. They shower them will love and adoration and keep them clean.

People who use love dolls imagine their relationships and personalities with their dolls. They build emotional connections with them. Moreover, they give them baths, do their makeup, buy all sort of clothes for them, shop for wigs, style their hair, buy different shoes and accessories, and even buy specialized storage equipment to make sure that they do not get damaged during the storage.

8. Love dolls are for singles only

More than one third of the United States of America uses sex dolls and sex toys like vibrators to spice up their relationships. Moreover, people in committed relationships are more likely to introduce sex dolls to their partners during sex as compared to those who are single.

And apart from the relationship status, the place where someone lives or comes from does not matter at all, as well. No matter where somewhere is from, be it a rural area, urban area or suburban area, people are equally likely to own and use the sex dolls and the users also span the economic spectrum very widely too.

The demographic that actually significantly influences the use of the sex dolls is education. Educational exposure is directly proportional to the use of love dolls. As the educational aptitude rises, the likelihood of buying and using a sex doll also increases.

9. If a man uses a sex doll there is something wrong with his or her partner

Not necessarily. Love dolls are a great way of spicing things up in the bedroom. Sex can get boring after sometime and couples look for ways to keep things interesting and what better way to keep the flame alive than with a sex doll.

In addition to that, couples must coach each other and let each other know about want turns them off and what turns them on. Men should make love to women the way they want them to – sensually but slowly while emphasizing playfulness. Women prefer whole body massages that involve the genitals but do not necessarily focus on them only.

Provided that men and women both embrace whole body sensuality there is nothing wrong with any of them or the way they make love to each other – even if they prefer having a love doll with them or a sex doll accessory to keep things fun.

10. Sex dolls replace women

No way. Sex dolls can only provide one thing and that thing is sex. They can only replace a part of woman but not a whole human being. In fact, sex dolls are better than women in many aspects. There are no risks with sex dolls like surprised pregnancies. They do not complain to you about anything. Plus, with sex dolls there are zero attachments and no emotional baggage. So, a love doll does not completely replace a woman. All it does is provide men with the feeling and the stimulation they need to get off at the end of the day.

11. Sex dolls ruin men for sex without them

This myth is just like asking someone if driving or cycling ruins walking for them. No, it just helps them to get to their final destination faster.

Sex dolls do not require any warm up or playfulness prior to sex. They do not have to get ready physically, mentally and emotionally before engaging into any sexual activity. Men do not have to engage in any kind of stimulation with the doll to come undone. Love dolls help them orgasm faster than other types of equipment, but they do not change a man’s perspective on women or his ability to respond to everything and anything else.

Far from ruining sex for men that does not include women, sex dolls actually help men respond to other types of stimulation and make them better at having sex. The reason why? Because sex dolls enable them and provide them the exposure to experience their complete range of sexual responsiveness. This is a key reason why so many sex therapists recommend sex dolls to men who face difficulty in performing well during sex.

A Final Word

The good news is that more and more people are gaining awareness about love dolls and are starting to embrace them even more. The misunderstandings that people have had over the years about sex dolls and people who own and use love dolls have started to decrease as people are educating themselves over the topic with the advancement in time. In fact, not only are they embracing people who use love dolls but they have also started using sex dolls to explore their sexuality.

The awareness in people and the use of social media platforms and forums have given sex doll owners the courage to speak up and clear all the misunderstandings regarding sex dolls. This has also helped them debunk many illogical and out of question myths about love dolls. With the decrease in stigma surrounding love dolls, more and more people from the sex doll society are coming out of the closet including women.

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